Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marseille - The Old Port

Dominated on one side by the Panier (Old Town) and on the other by the church of Notre Dame de la Garde, the Old Port, or Vieux Port, has been the beating heart of Marseille for 2,700 years. Today the entire waterfront area is a favourite spot for both locals and tourists to stroll, drink, argue, fall in love, peddle sunglasses and generally hang out and enjoy life. Chosen for its protected position, with hills to the North and defensive barrier of islands, and a supply of fresh water from a nearby spring, it was founded as a trading port in 600 BC by Greeks from Phocaea in Asia Minor - now part of Turkey - making it the oldest town in France. To this day, Marseille still bears the proud ancient nickname La Cité PhocéenneClick here to read more

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