Monday, October 11, 2010

Marseille - The Best Restaurants

Over the last decade, a wave of bright young chefs, mostly in their thirties, has invaded Marseille and transformed its culinary scene (pictured: Alexandre Mazzia at Le Ventre de L'Architecte). The city has a restaurant with three Michelin stars (Le Petit Nice) and another three (L'Epuisette, Péron and Une Table, au Sud) with one star. But, in truth, you can eat extremely well at even a modest restaurant.  The distinctive local style of cooking focusses on simple, fresh, healthy Mediterranean ingredients: low on the meat, animal fats and heavy sauces of traditional French cuisine, high on vegetables and fish. And it's all spiced up with influences from the city's successive waves of immigrants, in particular Italian, North African, Caribbean and Chinese. Today, then, it goes without saying that Marseille is not just about bouillabaisse.  Click here to read more.

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