Friday, September 13, 2013

The Couscous Dancer

This year a new food festival, Cuisine en Friche, was launched at La Friche La Belle de Mai, a large arts complex in the north of Marseille. The idea is for chefs, artists, scientists and philosophers to gather to celebrate  and investigate all things edible, with that oh-so-Gallic blend of gastronomy, intellectualism and performance art. Click here to see some more images on our Facebook page.

At the end of Je danse et je vous en donne à bouffer at La Friche La Belle de Mai last night. Radhouane El Meddeb danced his heart out for 90 minutes and, in between, cooked an excellent couscous - which we all then got to eat. There are two more performances of this amazing event over the weekend (a different couscous is cooked each night), and plenty of other unusual, thought-provoking and - potentially controversial - events before the festival ends on Sunday. Click here to read more

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