Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On the Cinema Trail in La Ciotat

To La Ciotat, just along the coast from Cassis. This mellow coastal resort is popular for its beaches (which I'll be writing more on later), but our mission right now is different: to delve into the town's rich cinema heritage. The pioneering film-makers Auguste and Louis Lumière (who made the famous 1895 short film Train Arriving at La Ciotat Station), spent many summers there -  and the family's villa, now privately owned, was open last weekend for very rare public visits. The town also boasts the Eden Théâtre, which claims to be the world's oldest surviving public cinema and, newly restored, it reopens its doors early next month. We devised a little "movie trail" around La Ciotat's movie hotspots. It was a fascinating trip. Click here to read more.

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