Sunday, January 19, 2014

Discover Pagnol in the Hills of Aubagne

Each year, just outside Marseille, a group of actors offers a season of all-day hikes combined with theatrical performances. These are a really brilliant experience. As you hike through the craggy hills of Aubagne and Allauch, you watch (and play an extra in) a show dramatising Marcel Pagnol's work in the very landscapes where it's set. Previous plays have told the celebrated story of Manon des Sources or been based on the charming comedy The Baker's Wife. This year there's a new spectacle inspired by Pagnol's 1938 satire, Le Schpountz, about a naive bumpkin who fantasises about becoming a movie star (it originally starred the popular local actor Fernandel, seen on the pster above). Click here to read more

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