Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New Wine Route Through the Vineyards of the Alpilles

A few months ago I compiled ten wine maps - itineraries through some of the finest countryside of Provence, along with a list of addresses of vineyards where you could stop off for refreshments en route. The idea was that driving through stunning landscapes and sampling wonderful wines (in moderation, naturellement) were two of the most enjoyable things to do while in Southern France, so why combine them?

Anyway, on a recent trip to Les Baux de Provence, when I was plied with information by the lovely people at the local tourist office, I realised that I'd omitted one of the nicest itineraries of all: a drive through the Alpilles and the Les Baux appellation. I stand corrected, and the Alpilles map is proudly now up online, no. 11 of the top ten wine routes in Provence. Click here to read more.

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